Gunkali Forest Prem Joshua mp3 song

Categories: Album and Fusion.

Albums: Tales Of A Dancing River.

Singers: Prem Joshua.

Released : 17 Feb, 2009

Duration : 04:15 min

Downloads : 103.65K

Hello, can you tell us what type of bansuri flute prem joshua play please ?? thanx

hey thanks! what is the real name of this song?

@fahadude You can download this video via real player from here itself if you'd like to.

this is not gunkali forest i tried searching for the mp3 n found a different song can someone direct me to where i can download this, awesome morning song.

@lyyfe5 Thanks

@sagarmanglani20 Thanks man. It feels good to know that some people still have a taste in music these days :D

@rogeredtabbit its not ur fault mate...people prefer lady gaga these days...but some do cherish the beauty n simplicity of this kind of musik(inc. me)....thanks a ton!


Just love the Indian genre. Fell in love with the flute all over again because in this genre IT talks right to the soul. Of course the tabla is one of my fave' instruments. Peace and Love! Namaste! Thanks for posting these beautiful inspiring vids.

I believe the same..very soothing music..

Hey! Yeah...but i think it was my fault...i posted it as Gunkali Forest and not as Prem Joshua so i think a lot of people missed it! Just amended that a few days back and now i have your comment! Thanks!

wow i realy like this song, its a shame that only few people have viewd it, thanx for posting

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Gunkali Forest by Prem Joshua full Video

Gunkali Forest Prem Joshua Album Mp3 Song.Gunkali Forest song belongs to Fusion, Gunkali Forest by Prem Joshua, Gunkali Forest available To free download ,Download Prem Joshua Gunkali Forest Mp3 Song. Gunkali Forest Fusion released on 2017-08-04 14:44:17. Prem Joshua 2.

Prem Joshua Videoclip made in India. A brilliant song by Prem Joshua Another song that lets you chill out P S I would like to dedicate this one to those who have subscribed to videos. Live at Dharma Mountain Norway August 2015. Music. Calming. Sky Kisses Earth Album.

M sica instrumental do talentoso m sico alem o Prem Joshua com imagens t picas da India. Indian music. Fusion Music this recording was taken in Mumbai. Null.

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