Koka Kola The Clash mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jazz.

Albums: London Calling.

Singers: The Clash.

Released : 19 Dec, 2010

Duration : 01:48 min

Downloads : 133.79K

Elevator...Going UP!

elevator gggoooiinNGGGGGGGG UP!

doesn't Mick sound nice in this one?



Coke adds life.

London w t the clash

The Clash 😍


Elevator ggoooOOIING UP !!

In the gleaming corridor in the 51rst floor.

The money can be made if you really want some more.

who and why won't let it play in playlists? fuck you and your puny restrictions

Happy 33rd birthday, London Calling!! One of the best albums ever.

0 dislikes!!!

No doubt about it, one of the best recordings of all time.

Hey guys! Let's post lyrics from the song and get top comment!

one of the best punk rock bands and I think this album is their best...

Elevator ggoooOOIING UP !!

Amazing song. One of my favourite Clash tracks.

Should have been at least 2:30 on the album though!

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Koka Kola Lyrics

Elevator! Goin' up!
In the gleamin' corridor of the 51st floor
The money can be made if you really want some more
Executive decision, at clinical precision
Jumping from the windows, filled with indecision

I get good advice from the advertising world
Treat me nice, party girl
Koke adds life where there isn't any
So freeze, man, freeze

It's the pause that refreshes in the corridors of power
When top men need a top up long before the happy hour
Your snakeskin suit and your alligator boot
You don't need a launderette, you can take 'em to the vet!


Koka Kola advertising and cocaine
Strolling down the Broadway in the rain
Neon light sign says it
I read it in the paper, they're crazy
Suit your life, maybe so
In the White House, I know
All Over Berlin, they do it for years
And in Manhattan

Comin' through the door is a snub nose forty four
The barrel can't snort, it can spatter on the floor
Your eyeballs feel like pinballs
And your tongue feels like a fish
You're leapin' from the windows sayin'
"Don't give me none of this!"


Hit the deck!

Koka Kola by The Clash full Video

Koka Kola The Clash Album Mp3 Song.Koka Kola song belongs to Jazz, Koka Kola by The Clash, Koka Kola available To free download ,Download The Clash Koka Kola Mp3 Song. Koka Kola Jazz released on 2017-08-03 22:28:38.I don t own this song I just used it for my project. MORE CLASH Jack Vocals Lewis Guitar Travis Bass Matt. The clash were the best. Remix of Koka Kola by the Clash. Album London Calling 1979 FE DE ERRATAS conjelate congelate. My cover of Koka Kola Concrit encouraged. The Clash Live from the Concert Tuscon Activity Center Tucson Arizona USA 26 May 1983 Us Festival warm up gigs Lyrics Koka Kola Strummer Jones Elevator Going up In the gleaming. Track 13 from london calling. I thought i d already posted this but it appeared I hadn t better late than never Creation notice This is to let YouTube or whoever know that I created this video This notice by. Koka kola koka kola the clash koka kola clash the clash koka kola clash koka kola koka kola the clash koka kola the clash koka kola the clash clash koka kola the clash.

Elevator Going up In the gleaming corridor of the 51st floor The money can be made if you really want some more Executive decision a clinical precision Jumping from the windows filled with. London Calling is the third album by English punk rock band The Clash released 14 December 1979 on CB S Records in the UK and in January 1980 on Epic Records in the United States The album. Ciclismo Indoor con The Clash y su Koka Kola. The Clash...