Leela Nature of Supreme Rahul Sharma mp3 song

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Albums: Maya.

Singers: Rahul Sharma.

Released : 15 Dec, 2014

Duration : 08:19 min

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qa fark padta hai budha kaha born huye the vo qa bole the hame isase matalab hai

Even if he Born's in Uganda who cares.. Stupids understand his messages and Life and spread peace don't create panic in you

There is lot of propaganda of Indian writer....He born in Vedic family but he never followed vedic rules....Around 10th century Brahmin never agreed with Buddha was vedic god... Once Brahmin also spitting in face of Buddha , then they called him anti Vedic .... after 19th century , when Buddha teaching became famous in west and US , then mostly Indian try to make him hindu 's god again.... They removed Ved vyas from god list then they added Buddha...They only trying to Advertising Hinduism with name of Buddha, But Indian never faith in Buddha teaching.. .Even Buddha never faith in Vedic god, but how can he became God of Hindu...There is no mentioned of Ramayana , Ram and Krishna in Buddha's history... But today's Indian imposing fake story of Ram and Krishna in Buddhism...Buddha was not god but spiritual teacher...

buddha was born in nepal

Proud to be Nepali. Buddha was born in Nepal.

Jay bhim Namo Buddhay 🙏🙏

Buddha was born in nepal

Buddha was bron 2500 years and you are saying buddha na 500 sal pahela daram ka gyan sekya tya.1st know the history about buddha.

buda Barth in India Nepal boarder

Namo buddhay

Buddha was born in nepal .... not inden

Jai bhartmata

Nepal Nepal karte tum log is ke layek nhi ho pakhandeyo ke hi layek ho ye rawad ki awolad hai ye log aap logo ko dhong btakar aap logo ko lutrhe hai God ko kiska dar jo sastr rakhe

Buddha Was Born In Nepal

It is not important where budha was born. The important thing is what is the message budha gives us. Budha says never fight for religion but now everyone fighting for budha what is this guyz.

Budh was in nepal not india

Nice movie

Jay bhim namo buddhaya

Hahahahaha what a funny thing Indian walo ka 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Indian walo sab k sab fake hai

Sari duniya ko pata hai budha ka janm kon desh mey huwaa thaaa tum dhoti log ne jo bola jo kiya ye duniya ko manjur nahi hai sun lo dhoti machikne randi ko xaura haru...

Aabe Indian kuta salaa haramkhoro buddha ka janm kidhar hey kuch pata bhi hey kaya budha dharm mey kidarsey pitasiri matasiri aaya kamine haramkhor budha dharm ka malmum nahi to kaya ghanta ..pata hey

भगवान बुद्ध का जन्म सिद्धार्थ नगर जिले के कपिलवस्तु में हुआ था और कहीं नहीं जय भीम नमो बुदधाय

Budda born in Nepal only but he got his spiritual knowledge in India and one more thing there is no need to fight for the where he born we should follow his teaching and do something good for society

Light of Aasia ------baudha

Buddha was born in Nepal. #love from india

Budhha born in nepal not india sala kuta india

Budh is great god

Awesome movie .....

बुद्ध विश्व् के प्रकाश है

बुद्ध विष का प्रकाश है

budda is born in nepal........ok.....Not india😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

buddhas born in india.....proud to be indiaand also proud to be buddha dhamma founder in india....

Buddha is nepali

Buddha was born in kapilbastu nepal..not india. So stop crying

Budha bron in nepal

Jai Buddha

Buddha born in nepal

Buddha was born in nepal at lumbini gerden... it's true

Born in Nepal ..... land of Pasupati Nath. Birth Place of Bhagwati SITA

H ha ha ha dhoti budha

Buddha's message is universal don't bind it or even the great human kind in boundary of nations

Gautam buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal which is in Madhesh region of Nepal. For centuries Madhesh was par of India and handed over to Nepali royals by Britishers in 19th century. So Nepal and Indiacan claim Buddha was from their country.

Sala mather chot hawa movie jhut movie


Amazing movie

This my Nepal buddha

Buddha was born in nepal not in india

Buddha was born.

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